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short film

039Wasp by Andrea Arnold


Wasp is the heartbreaking story of a single mother in Dartford. Although she can barely feed her four children, Zoe is determined to rekindle a relationship with her ex-boyfriend, David.

Dartford is Arnold’s home town and her familiarity with the area and conditions in the story are probably what make Wasp so raw and unsystematic to the characters.

It won an Academy Award for Best Live Action Short in 2005.

Andrea Arnold went on to direct the award winning Fish Tank in 2009.

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036Le Ballon Rouge by Albert Lamorisse

red balloon

La Ballon Rouge is a multi-award winning classic from 1956 about a boy and his mischievous red balloon.

It is a rare, ageless movie. With just a simple premise and virtually no dialogue, it accurately portrays much of the light and dark side of human nature. It still looks technically flawless and as it captures normal mid 20th century Parisian life with its old cars, trams, trades, fashion, cobbled alleys and scars from the war, it’s a film that will only improve with its vintage.

It won Lamorisse the Palme d’Or Grand Prize at the Cannes Film Festival, and an Oscar for best original screenplay. He went on to direct several feature films and invent the board game Risk in 1957.

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033Wish 143 by Ian Barnes

The Oscar nominated struggle of a terminally ill fifteen year old who has one dieing wish – to lose his virginity.

This is a funny and touching short with sharp dialogue, that never tries too pull at our emotions or feel sorry for itself. Definitely worth a watch.

Before this Ian Barnes has mostly directed for television.

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030Copy Shop by Virgil Widrich

For the copy man each day is a replication of itself, so when he decides to photocopy his hand, he causes some sort of knot in logic and the world fills with his clones.

The movie itself is made up of 18,000 photocopied frames which were filmed with a 35mm camera.

Widrich is known for his experimental techniques, often meshing the genres of film and animation.

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027My Wrongs #8245… by Chris Morris

As with a lot of Chris Morris’s work, My Wrongs #8245-8249 & 117 satires extreme psychosis running against the grain of society. It won a BAFTA for short film in 2002.

More short narratives include his 12 episode spoken word Blue Jam Monologue.

Chris Morris began his career as a prankster DJ with BBC Radio Bristol, until he got fired for filling the studio with helium as the news was being read out. He then moved into television with the satirical news programs The Day Today and Brasseye.

In late 2009, he realeased his first feature length film Four Lions about a group of bumbling Islamist terriorists from the North of England.

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024Shadowscan by Tinge Krishnan

Writer and director Krishnan drew on her own experiences as a hospital doctor to produce a confused, sleep deprived and amphetamine fuelled version of late night emergency wards. Raw, concise and perfectly styled, Shadowscan won a host of awards including a BAFTA after its release in 2000.

Since then, Krishnan and her film company, Disruptive Element Films, have created several short films and documentaries and been commissioned to write films for Film Four and The Film Council.

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021Instead of Abracadabra by Patrik Eklund

From Sweden, a very funny comedy about a 25 year old wannabe magician (with the competence of Napolean Dynamite) who tries to whoo the beautiful next door neighbour with his talents. Chimay!

Patrik Eklund has directed several shorts including his most recent Seeds of the Fall.

This movie comes in three parts.

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018Fluent Dysphasia by Daniel O'Hara

Imagine waking up to find you could only speak Irish (in Ireland). A funny little comedy starring Stephen Rea about the neglect of Gaelic.

Daniel O’Hara also directed Yu Ming is Ainm Dom, another satirical short about Ireland and its mother tongue.

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015Six Shooter by Martin McDonagh

An Oscar winning Irish movie from the writer/director of In Bruges.

Wait for the gag about the cow with trapped wind.

Another movie that comes in two parts, click the title above for or continue below.

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0127:35 de la Mañana by Nacho Vigalondo

From Spain, a dark comic short about getting the attention of a lady.

Funny stuff. It got nominated for an Academy Award in 2004.

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