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short film

009Two Cars, One Night by Taika Waititi

Charming film from New Zealand about two boys and a girl who meet in the car park of a rural pub while their parents get drunk.

It deservedly won a string of international awards in 2004.

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006Miracle Fish by Luke Doolan

Nominated for an Academy Award, Miracle Fish is a story about an eight old who wishes to be alone. During the course of his birthday, his wish comes true.

Although, I don’t think they pushed the bullied or loner theme quite far enough, all is forgiven with a very good final scene.

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003The New Tenants by Joachim Back

I love this movie from the opening diatribe on hypocrisy to the concluding waltz and recipe for Cinnamon Buns. In 2009, it won the Academy Award for best Live Action Short.

This film comes in two parts. Click the title above or continue below for Part deux.

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